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Sustainable properties with environmentally friendly features, such as solar panels and other renewable energy products have become increasingly popular. Such properties are not only beneficial for the environment but can also result in significant cost savings for owners in the long run. For property owners looking to increase the value of their property, incorporating sustainable features can be an effective way to attract environmentally conscious buyers and renters.



Prismatic Brokers PTY (LTD) Offering a full spectrum property service and sales with the added green footprint of solar solutions. If you are looking to Sell, Buy or Rent you have come to the right agency. Let us help you feel more at home.


We offer an all-round Commercial management service and sales with an added green footprint by means of an ideal off-the-grid or cost-saving alternative energy source. Chat with us if you want to Sell, Buy or rent a commercial property. Let us get you set up.


Our brokers can assist you sell your business a lot faster. We will find the ideal buyer for your franchise or business. Find out more about our bespoke business solutions for your tailored business needs. Contact us to streamline your process of buying or selling a business. Let’s get to business.


We have carefully put together selected parts to make the most optimal complete solar energy solutions. Each kit comes with components that complement each other and are all configurable if you require additions. Let us get you EV ready. Contact us to find out more.


We offer premium renewable energy solutions from various reputable brands. We service both residential and commercial properties. This gives our customers sustainable, affordable, and reliable electricity consumption during power outages while providing cost savings

to homeowners and businesses. We offer advanced turnkey solutions from engineering and design to planning and procurement. We also facilitate the installation of small, large-scale commercial, industrial, and utility-size PV systems. 

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