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By choosing our solar solutions, you are taking steps to assist in the preservation of the earth’s finite fossil-fuel resources and more importantly, reducing overall pollution output.

Off-Grid” solar systems run independently from electrical utility power grids. They generate electricity from the sun through solar or PV panels, store that energy in batteries, and make it available for consumption without any connection to electrical grids. Stored energy is usually converted to the regular energy output of 120 volts of AC power by an inverter. Some of our smaller systems just use DC power directly from the batteries. This is the ultimate solar power backup system, and it is going to save you from blackouts and load shedding. Purchasing one of our solar energy systems is a powerful and direct way for you to help protect the environment and make a long-lasting commitment to the planet’s future. Let’s not forget that making the transition to our solar solutions will not only help the environment but also SAVE you money when comparing your current electricity bills to your investment into our solar solutions.

Solar Solutions